Counting On: Evelyn Forsyth Is Rushed To The ER

Joy-Anna Forsyth

In recent videos by Counting On Alum, Joy-Anna Forsyth, the focus was on her new baby, Gunner, and on her son, Gideon but the latest one revealed that Eveyn was rushed to the ER.

What’s wrong with the three-year-old child? Will she be okay? Read on to find out what happened.

Counting On: Hospitals And Doctors For The Forsyths

With JoyAnna being pregnant, a lot of videos came that showed her seeing a doctor or getting medical advice.

Now that baby Gunner has arrived and is thriving, fans thought they might hear less about medical issues.

However, things happen in life and now it’s the turn of Evelyn to end up needing the ER.

She’s not often in accidents as dire predictions claimed, but she did fall ill and it worried her mom and dad a lot.

Counting On fans also see that Gideon, Joy’s oldest child sees eye specialists because he has bad vision.

He’s used to wearing his glasses now, and TLC fans think he looks rather cute with them.

Well, getting his eyeglasses upgraded probably didn’t terrify his mom and dad. But they were seriously worried about their daughter.

In her vlog, Joy said that they rushed Evelyn “to the hospital before her birthday.”

Counting On: The ER Visit For Evelyn

In her latest vlog, Joy Forsyth said that her husband, Austin told her that Evelyn had a fever and that she hunched herself on the bed crying.

The poor little kid had a sore tummy. Of course, Michelle Duggar knows a lot about kids, so Joy called her mom and she said that she should get her to a medical professional.

After all, it’s worth getting it checked out when it comes to young kids.

Counting On Evelyn Forsyth Is Rushed To The ER
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In the video, the Counting On Alum arrived at the hospital and after checking her vital signs, she seemed to be normal.

So, it’s not clear what happened with the fever that Austin reported. However, they did think that there was something potentially wrong with her bowels.

They talked about how her “bowels might be kinked.” Alternatively, it might have been a problem with appendicitis. So, she was sent for an X-ray and ultrasound scanning.

Will Evelyn Be Okay?

Counting On fans who love Joy-Anna will be relieved to know that the doctor’s scans found nothing more than “poop” in Evelyn’s bowels.

Perhaps she had some sort of tummy cramps and it made her feel very uncomfortable. Mind you, it took a long time for the results of the scans.

But, Joy-Anna put in a lot of prayers during the five hours they were at the ER.

Are you relieved to hear that there was nothing seriously wrong with Evelyn Forsyth and she’s probably on the mend already? Shout out in the comments below.

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