Counting On: Gunner, The Son Of Joy-Anna Forsyth Is A Huge Baby?

Joy-Anna Forsyth

Counting On alum, Joy-Anna Forsyth and her husband Austin, welcomed their third baby in May and she said that Gunner weighed 8lbs 14oz.

That’s not excessively large, as a 9lb kid would be. Mind you, a few tears for a mom can be expected. Since his birth, Gunner grew and some TLC fans are astonished at how big he is these days.

Counting On:  Joy-Anna Forsyth Shared Her Birth Story About Gunner

Baby Gunner seemed reluctant to enter the world, so Austin and his wife took long walks to try and get him moving. When he first arrived, fans didn’t see the birth story.

In fact, they got hardly any details at all. However, she later updated her fans on everything they needed to know about her third child. Gunner, the baby brother of Gideon and Evelyn arrived and he was healthy, which was what mattered the most.

Counting On fans took issue with the baby’s name. After all, Gunner can easily be aligned with guns that kill people.

So a lot of people slammed the former TLC couple for choosing an insensitive name, Well, they weren’t about to change it to keep fans happy.

Anyway, he seems to be a sweet little boy, and not living up to the expectations of his name right now. However he is putting his energy into gaining weight and people, think that he’s huge.

Counting On: At 3 Months The Baby Of Joy-Anna Forsyth Is Huge?

According to World Health Organization (WHO), most babies gain about 4–7 oz of weight each week, until they reach about four months old.

Born on the 17th of May, on the 17th of August, he would be about 84 ounces heavier than when he was born, at the top of the range. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the range, he’d weigh about 48 ounces more.

This week, the couple decided to find out just how much their large-looking son weighed.

Counting On Gunner, The Son Of Joy-Anna Forsyth Is A Huge Baby
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The Counting On alums weighed baby Gunner for their Youtube vlog and shared the video on August 18. In it, Joy thought that Gunner might weigh as much as “15 pounds.”

Anyway, they rigged up the scale and hung Gunner up on it. While it wavered a little bit, the scale finally settled on 16.8 lbs.

Joy-Anna couldn’t believe it. meanwhile, Austin said, “We’ve got us a big old boy.” In fact, he nearly doubled in weight in 12 weeks.

TLC Fans Comment

Counting On fans took to the comments and one of them said to Joy-Anna Forsyth, “I can’t believe how big Gunner weight was! He’s growing a big boy…”

Another TLC fan wrote, “Wow Gunner is a happy boy. Loves his mum and dad. 16 pounds is about 7kg. Healthy and happy that’s all your can ever ask for.”

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