Counting On Alum Joy-Anna Forsyth Reveals The Name of Her New Son

Joy-Anna Forsyth

Counting On alum Joy-Anna Forsyth has just welcomed her third child into the world. After enduring the tragic loss of her preemie daughter, Annabelle, fans have been invested in her pregnancy journey. Thankfully, Joy-Anna had a good pregnancy, and she is now the proud mom of a second healthy baby boy. While she took some time to recover, she finally revealed his name. And, TLC fans really seem to like it.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth Had A Happy Pregnancy

From the start of this pregnancy, Joy seemed to be very happy. Actually, she kept her fans updated d via her YouTube and on her Instagram account. Throughout it, she seemed to be upbeat and excited about another child. As usual, a gender reveal came along, and fans found out that she and Austin expected a baby brother for Gideon and Evelyn. In fact, she kept the other kids totally in the loop and they often went with her to visit the doctor. With few complications, she looked forward to her new baby who seemed a bit reluctant to arrive. So, the family started taking long daily walks to try and get her son to move out into the world.

Counting On fans heard that the baby had arrived when Joy-Anna told them about it on May 19. In fact, she posted up a photo on Instagram, but also shared the news on her YouTube channel. However, on YouTube, she didn’t show any pictures. But, she did promise that soon, she will update her channel. In the meantime, more news comes via Instagram. This weekend, she revealed his date of birth, what he weighed, and his full name.

Counting On: What Did Joy-Anna Forsyth Call Her Baby?

Joy-Anna Forsyth has named her new son, Gunner James Forsyth. The new baby weighed in at 8 pounds and 14 ounces, he was born on May 17, and his mom couldn’t be happier. The name Gunner James seems to be a massive hit with fans, who have been eagerly waiting for the announcement. His mom, Joy-Anna, said, “Soaking up every moment. He is the sweetest lil man.” Her photo showed Gunner snug in a onesie as he lay fast asleep.

Counting On Alum Joy-Anna Forsyth Reveals The Name of Her New Son
Joy-Anna Forsyth / Instagram

Counting On fans naturally turned out in their thousands to comment on the cute kid and his name. Here’s what some people said about him:

He is precious! For the moment I think he looks a lot like Gideon! 💙 Congratulations to you and your beautiful family.

I also have a Gunnar (my oldest 25yrs old now) and a Gideon (my youngest 21yrs old) both serving in the United States Marine Corp. Congratulations ❤️

The older siblings definitely look like dad, but Gunner may be his mommy’s twin 💙 Congratulations

Love his name. Congratulations. My sweet 17 year olds name is Gunner Joel. I think the G and the J’s go nicely together! Soak it up!

However, some folks took exception to the fact that Gunnar has the word “gun” in it.

What Does Gunner Mean?

Behind The Name explains the meaning of the name chosen by the Counting On couple. Firstly, it’s an English variant of the name Gunnar. Actually, it originated in Norse Mythology and basically means “warrior.” Unfortunately, the history of the name isn’t all that happy. The website explained, “In Norse legend, Gunnar was the husband of Brynhildr. He had his brother-in-law Sigurd murdered based on his wife’s false accusations that Sigurd had taken her virginity.”

What do you think of the name Gunner? Shout out in the comments below.

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