Counting On Fans Shout Out To Austin Forsyth For Being A Good Dad

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth

Counting On alums, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth, often get slammed by critics who accuse them of bad parenting. However, many more folks actually think they do a great job. So this weekend, they sent a lot of praise their way. The couple often posts their vlog on YouTube and fans reacted to the latest one very well. Actually, Joy’s videos seem to be getting better and better.

Counting On: Austin Forsyth Seems Like A Good Dad

TLC fans love to pounce on Austin and Joy-Anna if they spot anything that they see as dangerous for the kids. Somehow, despite all the critics, Evelyn and her big brother Gideon survive and thrive. Recently, Joy posted up photos of the kids covered in mud. Most people who were country raised loved the picture. But of course, those who don’t live with nature see things from a different angle.

This week, the Counting On alums shared another video and once again, Gideon was front and center. Actually, it’s not that long ago that they shared the five-year-old on a vlog on YouTube. That came on his birthday, and the whole family had a good time. Little Gideon seemed so pleased because he actually helped his mom make his cake. Naturally, TLC fans also loved to see him so excited on his birthday.

Counting On: Gideon Forsyth Gets A Loose Tooth

In the vlog that Joy-Anna posted on March 24, viewers saw that it started with Gideon saying he had a loose tooth. Well, his mom asked him if he’d like his “dad to pull it out.” However, Gideon didn’t seem keen, so Austin told him he’d “get a dollar when it comes out.” Even that couldn’t buy the kid, who said he’d rather “hold on.” According to the description on YouTube. it’s “the first time” that Joy-Anna’s son ever had a loose tooth.

Counting On Fans Shout Out To Austin Forsyth For Being A Good Dad
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Counting On viewers who watched the vlog saw the kids play outside for a bit. Then Joy-Anna painted her nails and Evelyn wanted hers done s well. When she showed her painted nails to her dad, he said, “wow,” and smiled at her very sweetly. The next day after dinner with Jason Duggar, Gideon still wanted to wait to let his tooth fall out by itself. That night the family ate a healthy meal, played games with the kids, and then it was bedtime. TLC fans loved that Austin prayed with each child.

Fans Coomet About Austin Forsyth

Counting On fans took to the comments section and a lot of them talked about Austin being a good dad. Jean R
said, “Austin is so sweet with the kids, it’s nice to see a daddy who is so invested in his kids’ lives!”

Then Lari Webb wrote, “Love the way Austin physically prays over the babies before bed, such a great act of love .”

More comments arrived like this one by DeDee: “I love the way you and Austin interact with the kids. The love in your house is so apparent that it makes me really happy to watch every week.”

After you watch the video below come back and tell us if you think that Austin is a great dad.

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