Counting On Fans Love Photo Of Mud Buddies Gideon & Evelyn Forsyth

Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth

Counting On alums Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth raise two adorable kids, Gideon and Evelyn. At the moment, they expect another child. Soon, a new baby will take up a lot of their mom’s time, but for now, they sit front and center in her life. This week, TLC fans loved seeing kids being kids when a photo of the muddy buddies arrived on Instagram.

Counting On Alum Joy-Anna Sometimes Gets Mom-Shamed

Being on reality TV means a lot of scrutiny by followers of the shows. In the case of Joy-Anna, many dire predictions arrived about the potential injury with the kids, Actually, some helicopter parents make much of every little thing they can spot. However, in fairness to those critics, a recent photo of her in a moving car with no seatbelt on seemed a reasonable diss. Bear in mind, that she is pregnant. But, her latest photos didn’t get many comments that criticized her parenting.

Counting On fans know that Joy-Anna Forsyth really does seem like a good mom on the whole and she often shares videos on YouTube about the kids. Actually, Gideon’s fifth birthday got a lot of love because he helped to bake his own cake. While he loves construction like his dad, some TLC fans think he might consider a career as a chef. Well, if that happens, it will be something newsworthy about the Duggar family. But, you don’t need a birthday to have a blast in Austin’s home.

Counting On Mud Buddies Posted Up By Joy-Anna Forsyth

On March 17, Joy-Anna took to her Instagram and posted up a photo of two wet and muddy kids. Big smiles were smeared with mud, but they clearly has a lot of fun puddle-jumping. In her caption, their mom wrote, “It’ll come out in the wash.” Of course, the photo sparked the memories of her followers from when they were children. One of them wrote, “Some of my best and funniest childhood memories involve mud! Good for you for letting them just be kids!”

Counting On Fans Love Photo Of Mud Buddies Gideon and Evelyn Forsyth
Joy-Anna Forsyth / Instagram

Some Counting On fans noted that playing in the mud can be beneficial as well as good fun. One of them wrote, “I always say dirt and mud builds natural immunity!”

Meanwhile, others solve to see the children just being children and not attached to electronic gadgets. One comment read: “I love this. Kids being kids and having fun without electronics.”

Is It Dangerous For Kids To Play In The Mud?

Counting On fans who claimed that playing in the mud is good for building “natural immunity” are into something. According to Healthline, “The germs found in mud may help strengthen your child’s immune system. In fact, living (and playing) in an environment that is too clean may increase the risk of illnesses such as allergies and asthma.”

What are your thoughts about letting the kids play in the mud? Do you let your kids do it? Or, can you recall playing in the mud when you were small? Let us know in the comments below.

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