Royal Family News: Royals Go To War With BBC Over Sensationalized Prince William And Harry Documentary

British royal family news reveals that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William are threatening to boycott the BBC over yet another insensitive portrayal of their family.

The palace is reportedly livid that the network will not let them see The Princes And The Press prior to its airing on BBC2 Sunday. To prove how adamant they are, they reportedly are refusing to participate in future projects.

Royal Family News: The Queen Is Miffed

A palace aide described the divisive documentary as, ‘tittle-tattle,’ and said the arguing about it has upset the 95-year-old queen.

The royals may have a legit bone to pick with the filmmaker. He is Amol Rajan, a staunch republican who says the monarchy is “absurd.”

It is unusual for three senior royals to jointly complain to the BBC and they have threatened a “tri-household” boycott. Some progress has been made with meetings between Prince William’s representatives and the Corporation taking place. But the insider said that the BBC is not willing to show the program to the royals prior to airing.

An insider spilled, “There is upset about it. The households are all united in thinking this is not fair. No one at the Palace has seen it.”

Prince Harry and Prince William

Royal Family News: The BBC Is Playing Hardball

According to the BBC, the program will give ‘context’ for William and Harry’s relationship with the media. That relationship could be described as cold and prickly, definitely not warm and fuzzy.

Palace insiders believe the film suggests that the brothers or their advisers fed info about the other to the media.

Royal Family News: Prince William is Upset With the BBC

In other words, the allegation is that William and Harry planted smears against each other in the press.

Media speculation about the brothers’ relationship was boiling for over a year before Harry blabbed TMI about it in 2019.

At that time the so-called Duke and Duchess of Sussex told ITV’s Tom Bradby that no one in the Royal Family asked Meghan if she was okay. What a difference two years makes—now Meghan routinely tells the world just how ok she really is. Super ok. Better than ok. Swig milk from a baby bottle in the middle of an LA street ok. O-K we get it already.

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