Counting On Spoilers: Jill Dillard Shows Her Son’s Unusual Food Effort

Counting On: Jill Dillard

Counting On spoilers and updates tease that Jill Dillard raises her two sons, Israel, (6)  and Sam Dillard, (4). This week, one of them did something unusual with some food. However, Jill took a lesson from it and shared it with her followers. She didn’t mention which of the boys played around with his food, but it seemed like a logical thought process. 

Counting On Spoilers – Jill Dillard Gets Kudos For Parenting

Fans enjoy seeing Jill and Derick going about their lives with their two boys. They see the kids enjoy gardening, playing with their dog Fenna, and exploring the big outdoors. This year, they saw that Sam enjoyed a wonderful birthday. Between Jill and Derick and James Duggar, Sam enjoyed a real fire truck at his party. In fact, the kids even “helped” to fire off the water canons. 

Recently, Counting On fans heard from Jill Dillard that Israel went back to school and started in Grade 1. Meanwhile, she still homeschools little Sam at Pre-K. In a post about it, she said, “Sam is super happy to be getting some one-on-one time with mommy in preschool at home & on-the-go with regular library visits and fun classes they offer!” Possibly, it’s Sam who decided he needed a midday snack if Israel was at school. 

Counting On Spoilers Jill Dillard Shows Her Son's Unusual Food Effort

Counting On Updates – Fans See An Unusual Food Effort

Jill Dillard shared a photo of a bowl and a citrus extractor. She said she put the peanut butter pretzels, a few leftover cheese crackers in the bowl. Apparently, the stuff was all over the counter. Then she explained what happened. Her caption read, “it didn’t look this clean when I found it…but as I was helping scoop it into a bowl from the table, I asked what his plan was with all the crunched up peanut butter pretzels, a few leftover cheese crackers + the citrus juicer

Well, the reply the Counting On alum got seemed perfectly logical to a kid, some fans agreed. He told his mom, “I was trying to squeeze the peanut butter out of the pretzels.” 😋👌🏻” Then, Jill talked about the lesson she learned from it. Further down, she wrote, “🤷‍♀️Sometimes I think my ideal plans for the future might look like this to God. 🙈”

TLC Fans Comment On The Post

One fan of Jill Dillard said, “That is so cute. I think most of us can identify with how God looks at us.” Then another one noted, “I love this 😂 and God is always cleaning up the mess our plans make 🙌🏻.” More comments follow like this one: “I can relate. This is pretty accurate.”

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