Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Celebrates Little Evie Turning Two

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush

Sister Wives spoilers and updates tease that star Maddie Brown Brush celebrated Evie K turning two years old this weekend and it seems astonishing to fans. Time just flies by and when she expected Evie K, she struggled a bit with Axel who went through the terrible twos. It’s also been a year since Evie Brush underwent her Boyd amputation. 

Sister Wives Spoilers – Maddie Brown Brush And Little Evie

Fans of the TLC show quickly fell in love with Evie. They loved the way the stoic little girl suffered through her Boyd amputation so bravely. Despite her FATCO syndrome, she previously valiantly pulled herself upright. So, it became obvious that she’d face her challenges with strength. Once her mom and dad arranged for her false foot fitting, she let nothing stand in her way. 

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush proudly revealed that her daughter overcomes her challenges. One of her clips showed the cute little kid struggling to get up the stairs of a slide. However, she never ran over and helped her daughter. Instead, she told her she could do it. And yes, the beam on her face when she climbed the obstacle made it all worthwhile. Certainly, life might be tough for the kid, but Maddie knows not to coddle her. After all, challenges remain her normality for the rest of her life. 

Sister Wives Maddie Brown Brush Celebrates Little Evie Turning Two

Sister Wives Updates – Kid Evie Has A Better Birthday Than Last Year

When the daughter of Maddie Brown Brush turned one, her grandma Janelle and Maddie shared photos of her after her amputation. It certainly seemed like a dismal way to spend a birthday for Evie. However this year, much happier scenes came from her mom. Maddie took to her Instagram and shared about the special day. Actually, she shared a photo that she previously posted up in honor of the occasion. In the photo, Evie K rocked her style with shades and the cutest pigtails.

The Sister Wives star said about Evie Brush, “Happy 2nd Birthday to my happy, loving, spunky, sassy, strong, and fashion-loving little girl. It is [a] blessing being you (sic) mom. 💗🌸🍋.” Naturally, plenty of TLC fans sent in their congratulations. Actually, fans wished her a “happy birthday” from around the world. One fan exclaimed, “Wow 2 already she’s beautiful x.” Then another fan noted, “I can’t believe your sweet little girl is 2 already!! She’s just the cutest!! Happy Birthday sweet girl🌸💕🌸.”

Caleb Comments On His little Girl Turning Two

Apart from Maddie Brown Brush, her husband Caleb also shared a photo of their daughter on her second birthday. She wore her sunglasses and stood in a field. Fans agreed that her colorful top looked very cute.

He wrote, “Happy birthday my sweet little girl. I’m so amazed and impressed by you.” Then he added, “You are the sweetest baby girl God blessed us with and could ever ask for. I love you so very much. 🤗🥳🎉🎂

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