OutDaughtered Spoilers: Twin Ava Busby Has A New Way To Tell Her Apart

OutDaughtered: Ava Busby

OutDaughtered spoilers and updates tease that quints Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, Riley Paige, Olivia Marie, and Ava Lane Bubsy arrived on April 8, 2015. Ever since then, TLC fans have struggled to tell Ava and Olivia apart as they are identical twins. Now, their mom came up with an easy way to tell the two girls apart, at least for a bit of time to come. 

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Twin Ava Busby And Olivia Busby

Ava Busby and her sisters spend a lot of time swimming in the summer. Those sleek little girls seem very full of energy and in the heart of all the action, fans constantly try guessing which twin is which. Not many of them succeed and when they guess it correctly, lots of smiles come on Instagram. Of course, the rest of the quints seem easy in comparison as Hazel has red hair. Riley comes with unmistakable blue eyes and a huge smile, and Parker is the tall one with a dreamy expression on her face.

Whenever the OutDaughtered parents share videos or photos of the kids playing around at home or on vacation, fans ask, which one is Olivia? Well, it seems that for a bit of time, Danielle makes it easy for her fans. Those in the know, claim they tell Ava part as her face is slightly squarer. Plus, they wear slightly different earrings. However, it’s still not easy to make out. At one stage, Variety reported that Ava wore her hair longer than Olivia, but that just changed.

OutDaughtered Updates – Twin Identification Made Easy

On Friday, August 13, mom Danielle said that Ava Busby and her sister all went for haircuts. She shared a photo of Ava that made fans gasp. In her caption, she wrote, “We have had one eventful busy FRIDAY! One exciting thing we did today was haircuts 💇🏼‍♀️.” Next, she talked about the photo of Ava, saying, ” And can we just talk about how stinking adorable Ava Lane’s cut is! 🥰 First big cut for her! Cut like 7inches off!” Finally, she pointed out ”
⭐️Now you all will finally be able to tell Ava & Olivia apart 🤪😂😉.”

OutDaughtered Spoilers Twin Ava Busby Has A New Way To Tell Her Apart

Nearly 200k fans of OutDaughtered liked the photo in a matter of hours. That seems like a lot of likes for a six-year-old. Young Ava looks like a real beauty, fans agree. As it’s back to school time, no doubt she attracts the attention of the teachers with her pretty cut. Plus with her new style, fans finally noted with some relief that they can now tell Olivia and Ava apart. 

TLC Fans Comment

Ava Busby received a lot of praise for looking so attractive. Some of her fans noticed that she looks older somehow. Well, it’s quite a mature cut, but it certainly gives fans a glimpse of her future beauty. One fan wrote, “Wow beautiful princess Ava 🔥🔥❤️😍.” Then another one noted, “She looks so grown up! 😍”

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