OutDaughtered Spoilers: Parker Busby Experiences Something New

OutDaughtered: Parker BusbyOutDaughtered spoilers and updates tease that fans see a very confident girl these days when they look at Parker Kate Busby. However, it wasn’t always like that and at one stage she suffered from terrible anxiety. Actually, her dad was so concerned, that he took her to see an occupational therapist. This week, she spent some precious daddy time with Adam and she had a brain freeze but TLC fans needn’t worry about it. 

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Quint Parker Kate Balanced Out Nicely

Recently, TLC fans saw that Parker Kate Busby overcame her fear of horses. Last season, she actually climbed on a horse and seemed to enjoy it. Recall, previously she refused to ride as she was so terrified of the animals. Fans also saw that she took to ballet and looks very poised and confident since she started dancing. Additionally, when she models clothing for Danielle Busby’s Graeson Bee store, she looks like a natural. So, she’s come a long way. 

This week, the OutDaughtered quint slipped in some alone-time with her dad who recently purchased a Jeep Gladiator Mojave. Sleek, black, and very impressive the quints love taking a ride in it. Mind you, their hair blows everywhere and gets horribly tangled. However, Adam prefers it with the top down during the warm weather season. This time, Parker Kate enjoyed the back of the Jeep all by herself as she and her dad went out together.

OutDaughtered Updates – Dad Takes Parker To Brain Freeze

Parker never suffered from a brain freeze attack so relax about that, Instead, Adam told his fans on Instagram Stories that he had some chores to do in town. So, as it was his time alone with Parker Kate, he treated her to something nice. He also told his fans they never went to this place before. He selected Brain Freeze. The Pasadena sweet shop Brain Freeze serves up extreme treats. 

OutDaughtered Quint Parker Busby Gets A Brain Freeze

The OutDaughtered quint experienced eating and slurping down one of their colossal Mason jar drinks. Not just juice and ice, it comes topped with all sorts of delicious candy. Adam said that the one Parker tried out was mostly a watermelon flavor. However, all the decorations made for a yummy sugar treat.  

Defeated By The Size Of The Treat

When Adam asked Parker Kate if she could finish it all up, she said no. However, he noticed that she carefully made inroads into the candy that topped the treat first.  Well, it’s no surprise that the Brain Freeze treat defeated that little tummy. Even Adam looked impressed with the size of it. 

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