Outdaughtered Spoilers: Danielle Busby’s Hospital Visit

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby

Outdaughtered spoilers and updates tease that  Danielle Busby had to be rushed to the emergency room after a crazy injury! Danielle shared in her Instagram stories that she was going to the hospital and her fans were really scared for her. Keep reading on if you want to know what happened.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Danielle Busby Scares Fans

When fans began to read Danielle’s stories on Instagram, they were very scared. It all happened when Adam Busby wasn’t at home and she ended up having to get help when he was at HEB shopping for the family. She ended up with a huge gash on her leg and fans were curious what happened in order to cause such an injury.

She was quick to share an update with her fans because she knew that they were worried. She told fans that she did end up having to get stitches. That wasn’t the only news that she shared though. She also had to get a tetanus shot! This sounds like a very scary moment for the mother of six, especially without her husband nearby.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered Updates – What Happened to Danielle Busby?

We all know that Danielle has been to the hospital quite a bit lately with her mystery illness and now she is spending more time there because of this leg injury. When Danielle posted her pictures on Instagram with her leg injury, she captioned them, “Well!! That’s a first for me. Gashed my leg pretty bad while Adam was at HEB. Had to wait for him to get back to go get stitches. Look at my brilliant bandage…Because Mama still had to get the girls fed.”

Danielle’s followers were glad that she is doing better and some were even concerned why Adam just can’t help to lend a hand with feeding the girls. Some took things in an odd way, but Danielle reassured them that Adam does help around the house more than they see.

We are so happy that she is doing better and on the mend. We were still never told exactly what happened, but she is on the road to recovery.

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