OutDaughtered Spoilers: Hazel, The Pool And More From Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

OutDaughtered spoilers and updates tease that the family is currently enjoying their summer and Blayke and the quints went off to various camps. Additionally, they spent some time at Splashway Water Park near Houston and they visited relatives in Lake Charles. Back home again, it looks like finally, the kids can enjoy their swimming pool again. Danielle Busby shared about that, more about Hazel, and other projects on the go. 

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Summer Break News From Danielle Busby

Danielle Busby and Adam seem really good about sharing news about their family. Actually, their fans like that a lot. After all, some TLC stars share a lot when their seasons are on air, and then drop away. Or, they just share promos and little else. So far this summer, fans heard that all the kids attended summer camps and Blayke went away for her first overnight church camp

The OutDaughtered parents also talked about how they took the kids up to Lake Charles in Louisiana. They often visit their relatives there during school breaks as both Adam and Danielle originally came from there. This time, they seemed particularly grateful as Nana has a pool. Back home, experts came in and resurfaced the pool and laid a cool deck. So, lots of photos came along of them enjoying Lake Charles. When they left, Blayke and Hazel stayed on for a few extra days. 

OutDaughered: Danielle Busby

Outdaughtered Updates – Danielle Tells OutDaughtered Fans That Hazel Returned Home

Taking to her Instagram stories on Thursday, July 1, Danielle Busby shared the news that Hazel returned home from Lake Charles. Actually, during her absence, thousands of people questioned her parents as to her whereabouts. She didn’t mention if Blayke returned yet, but she’s probably around as well.  

Other news from the OutDaughtered mom revealed that the pool is once again usable. In fact, the kids loved it so much that she said they stayed in it late. In fact, she predicted a really good night’s sleep for the quints. Then, along came another photo of one of the quints relaxing on a recliner eating sunflower seeds. Additionally, she mentioned that “Adam got the girls hooked on sunflower seeds.” Actually, they are full of nutrients, so they make for a healthy snack. 

Terribly Hot Weather – Working On A New Project

Danielle also told her OutDaughtered fans that the weather in Texas is “H.O.T.T Hot.” However, she still tries finishing up their backyard patio. She couldn’t find the chairs she really wanted for the firepit, but she managed to get the outside change rooms and toilet clean. 

OutDaughtered News About Hazel, The Pool & More From Danielle Busby

TLC fans know that Danielle always seems to have one project or another on the go. With summer here, it makes sense that she focuses on the main leisure area for the Busby family. 

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