3 Of The Best Places In The World Relating To Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping

Many daring folks enjoy the sport of bungee jumping, but some bungee locations are more iconic than others.

Bungee jumping is for those who love adrenalin sports and have absolutely no fear of heights. The sport involves attaching a long elastic cord to your ankles and jumping off a tall structure, including bridges, cranes, and cliffs. Some places are more interesting than others when it comes to this adventure sport.

1. Pentecost Island Land Dive, Panama Province, Vanuatu

Many believe the Pentecost Island Land Dive was the first example of bungee jumping. This historic event happens each spring, just as the yams start to emerge from the soil on the South Pacific Island in Vanuatu.

Known as N’gol, or land diving, this involves erecting enormous wooden towers in each of the villages on the island. Some areas are tall as 75 feet. Once the towers are ready, the men of the village climb to the top of the towers. They attach two, long elastic vines to their ankles. Once ready to make the leap, they share their most intimate (and occasionally final) thoughts – then they jump.


The vines are supposed to be the exact length to catch the land diver at the point where their hairbrushes the ground. This action is said to ritually fertilize the soil for an excellent yam harvest. While visitors cannot participate, it is a thrilling event to watch.

2. Orlando Towers, Soweto, South Africa

Orlando Township has a sad past and many of South Africa’s most infamous anti-apartheid clashes happened here in the 20th century. The township itself consists of one-story houses but standing 33-story tall, the Orlando Towers dominate the landscape.

The Orlando Power Station was built in 1942 to meet the increasing energy demands in the area. The plant ran until 1998 when it was decommissioned. While the original power plant buildings collapsed in 2014, the two cooling towers have been left standing.

Eventually, the towers received a fancy new paint job to mark the cultural renaissance of the surrounding community. While one tower these days displays an advertisement for a South African bank as pictured here, originally both towers were decorated with symbols relating to historical figures, soccer, fashion, and music.

Orlando Towers, Soweto, South Africa

In 2009, some daredevil came up with the idea of using the towers as a launchpad for one of the most epic bungee jumps in the world. Once at the top of the towers, jumpers cross a narrow bridge between the two and gaze at the beautiful view across Soweto. Visitors can then decide whether to bungee jump, freefall, abseil, or power swing, making this one of the best sites for adventure sports in the world.

3. Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump, Zimbabwe

At 364 feet, the Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump is a genuine, adrenalin-pumping challenge for any adventure fan. This is reportedly the second-highest bungee jump in the world, after Macau Tower in China.

It may be second in height, but when it comes to views, many believe the Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump to be the best in the world. As they fall from the height of the bridge, jumpers will have the beautiful backdrop of the Victoria Falls and views of the mighty Zambezi River as they fall. Even better, when bungee jumping here, you’ll be in good company. Both Will Smith and Ewan McGregor have dared to take the plunge from the Victoria Falls Bridge.

So, next time someone tells you to go jump, you know where to go!

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