Royal Family News: Princess Eugenie’s Son Snubbed Over a Royal Title?

British royal family news reveals that Princess Eugenie’s son may not be given a Royal Family title due to tradition. There are many protocols and traditions in the family, although some have been changed when they suited the family’s needs.

Royal watchers Omid Scobie and Maggie Rulli spoke about this situation on the Heir podcast recently. Scobie stated that the child may never receive a royal title due to the fact that titles are passed down on the paternal side of the family. Jack Brooksbank, the baby’s father, is not a royal.

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To this Rulli replied rather archly, “Not only do we not have a name but we do not have a title either. I understand that he might not have a title, is that right? Is there controversy around this and how does it normally play out in the Royal Family?”

Eugenie has yet to release a name for her baby and on top of that royal watchers are irritated that she has not released a “proper” picture of him given that the taxpayer finds her lifestyle!

Scobie replied, “Unlike the name, which I imagine will drop over the next few days, a title may never come for this royal baby.”

“Of course with Jack Brooksbank, I mean no shade by this, a commoner, that makes his and Eugenie’s children commoners.”

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The royal commentators, perhaps aghast at the thought of a commoner baby, next discussed a possible route for Princess Eugenie’s child to get a royal title.

Scobie also stated that as Eugenie is not a working royal, it is unlikely her children will be granted a title, but, “What is interesting here is that Queen, as we have seen in the past, does have the power to make Jack an Earl and they could then give their children titles.”

“But what we have seen over the years is a trend away from titles.”

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Scobie then invoked his “soul mate” Meghan Markle and Prince Harry by saying, “Only a couple years ago, we saw the Sussexes choose not to give a title to Archie. This is a continuing trend here with Eugenie.”

“As the Royal Family focus on a more streamlined model, Eugenie and Beatrice are not working royals so the need for the title is a bit unnecessary.”

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