Royal Family News: How Kate Middleton’s Parents Can Shape the Monarchy

Royal Family News: How Kate Middleton’s Parents Can Shape the MonarchyBritish royal family news reveals that there is no shortage of opinions regarding the royal family’s lives, dramas, tribulations and triumphs.

A recent poll revealed that despite their occasional controversies, the family remains popular among the majority of citizens. In a recent YouGov poll the vast majority of respondents reacted with favorability toward most senior members of the clan, with Prince William and Queen Elizabeth coming out in first and second place respectively in terms of approval rating.

But it is not just the senior royals who have the power to chart the course of destiny. In the case of one of the future kings of England, his non-royal grandparents are thought to hold considerable sway on his upbringing and hence his future.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton’s Parents Hold Great Influence

Royal commentators recently have been debating the power that Kate Middleton’s parents have on the future of the royal family via their oldest grandson Prince George.

In the documentary When the Middletons Met the Monarchy, Glynis Barber claimed, “The stark difference between Kate and William’s upbringings had led to speculation over where Prince George will spend his academic years. Typically a royal tuition starts with boarding school at eight years old, an age Prince George is fast approaching.”

Will this be a royal tradition broken by George and his parents?

Royal Family News: Prince George Goes to Boarding School?

About this situation Daily Mail’s Editor-at-Large Richard Kay himself had something to say about the unusual circumstance. “Many people thought George’s first school would be the same pre-prep school that William himself went to. We all remember Diana doing the school run with William and Harry in the early 1990s.”

He added, “Then we assumed that George would be packed off to a boarding prep school and ultimately to Eton. They surprised us with their choice with Thomas’ prep school in London for George.”

Royal Family News: The Cambridge’s Have Already Broken With Tradition

The journalist went on to say, “I should imagine that Mike and Carole will be pretty involved in what kind of establishment would suit George. One thing’s for certain, they’ll keep the decision very private for as long as they can.”

The Middleton’s have been very active in their grandchildren’s lives which led paternal grandparent Prince Charles at one point to complain that he felt left out of the party. Perhaps that has changed in recent years?

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