Return to Amish Spoilers: Jeremiah Raber Finds His Biological Family?

Return to Amish Spoilers: Jeremiah Raber Finds His Biological Family?Return to Amish spoilers and updates reveal that TLC star Jeremiah Raber wants to find his biological family. He has some leads and he and his wife, Carmela Raber, actually meet possible relatives. As you might expect this emotional journey into his life before being adopted into the Amish community is a tearjerker.

Return to Amish Spoilers: Jeremiah Raber Wants to Know His Biological Family

Jeremiah and Carmela have dealt with domestic issues in their marriage and almost divorced. Luckily for them they fought hard to salvage their relationship and now they are focused on the future.

The good news is that things between Return to Amish cast members Jeremiah Raber and Carmela Raber are better than ever. This season fans will see Jeremiah look into his past with Carmela giving him all the support he needs.

Jeremiah Raber Needs His Wife’s Support

Jeremiah Raber was adopted before the age of two and Return to Amish spoilers reveal that he is trying to find his biological family members. Jeremiah especially wants to meet his birth father although he admits this task is not an easy one.

Explosive Return to Amish spoilers reveal that Jeremiah meets up with a man who could be his biological father. This individual tells him that he wants to do, “father and son things,” and they end up on a motorcycle ride. They eventually share a hug and the older man tells the younger man that he loves him.

As you might expect, Jeremiah continues to search for his other family members and this situation is an arduous one in which he may not be adequately prepared emotionally.


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Return to Amish Updates: Return to Amish Gets Emotional This Season

The search is a dramatic one and the show reveals that he will have contact with more people who attempt to help him as he searches.

At one point Jeremiah meets with someone who tells him that he didn’t even know he existed, and that was obviously extremely hard for him to hear. Nonetheless this person helps Jeremiah in a crucial way. The individual helps him get in touch with a relative who could hold the key to finding his birth family.

Fans will also see Jeremiah talk to a woman who claims she is his grandmother. Just hearing her voice voice is overwhelming as he speaks to her on the phone.

Be sure to catch the new all new season of Return to Amish on March 22 on TLC.

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