Days of Our Lives star Brandon Barash Talks Books With Daughter Harper

Days of Our Lives star Brandon Barash (Stefan DiMera) recently opened up a book and shared his love for reading not only with his daughter Harper but with his fans, too. The actor revealed a new partnership with Scholastic Books. Here’s what he has to say.

Sharing an adorable video of him along with his precious daughter Harper, Brandon captioned his post with,

“We had a talk about #confidence today, and thanks to the @ScholasticBookshelf, our talk was easier to facilitate…especially with the help of Dog Man!! #ad It’s important she knows what confidence feels like and how to stay confident. Especially in challenging times like these when we sometimes don’t feel our best, its important that she knows how to bounce back.”

The actor added,

“It’s an honor to be a #ScholasticPartner. As a kid, getting the Scholastic book order was something I looked forward to monthly. I still remember sitting At the kitchen table with my dad as we filled it out…then there was the anticipation that the books would arrive in a matter of weeks, which was fast back then. It’s all come full circle.”

Of course, it didn’t take very long for his fans and followers to comment on his post. A lot of them reminisced about their own childhood days of reading their favorite books while others said they are still huge fans of Scholastic Book Fairs. Some fans wrote, “This brings me back to such great memories. Filling out that @scholasticinc order sheet was the BEST!! Only thing you had to click was your pen,” along with, “Brandon you are such an awesome dad. Every father out there should spend time reading to their children the same way that you read to Harper. She is such a lucky little girl.”

Another fan wrote, “I always set aside money to let my kids get 1 -2 books and they could get more if they split the cost and if they had the cheap ones- I think now they may be $1-$2 we would squeeze them in.”

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