Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash Celebrate Daughter Harper’s Major Milestone

General Hospital star Kirsten Storms and her ex, Days of Our Lives star Brandon Barash are celebrating a huge milestone with their daughter Harper – her Kindergarten gradation! And yes, it was the kind of intimate family celebration that you’d expect from them. Here’s what you need to know.

Kirsten shared a photo of her darling graduate along with their family dog. In the pic, Harper is holding up a sign that says,

“Last Day of School.” Kirsten then captioned it with, “Kindergarten graduation (via Zoom) was so cute. I cried….of course. Can’t believe how much she has grown this last year! ps. How adorable is the tiny cap & gown?”

Brandon followed up with his own family photo of the three of them (actually, make that four, as they included their dog) and captioned his pic with,

“We came together this week to celebrate the kindergarten graduation of one Harper Rose. And although I appear constipated in this photo, I was/am elated. Constelated? #prouddad.”

Many of the ex-couple’s social media followers commented on Harper’s success by saying, “You guys are such a beautiful family. Harper is always smiling for a reason, and that’s because she’s got two great parents who have set aside their differences to do what’s best for their kid. Congrats to all of you,” along with, “You guys look so cute together. Life works in crazy different ways but it’s great to see that you guys are getting along well. Everyone looks so damn happy.”

Another fan wrote, “What a great picture, and she’s just the cutest! If I didn’t already know, you guys look like you are still together. Not a lot of people can get to this level of harmony after a divorce, but you guys pull it off well. Congratulations, Harper! Kudos, girl!!”

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