Brandon Barash Has A Dance-A-Thon With Daughter Harper

It certainly doesn’t get any cuter than this! When he’s not filming in front of the daytime television cameras, then it’s without a doubt that Days of Our Lives actor Brandon Barash (Stefan DiMera) is spending every waking moment he has with the number one girl in his life, his daughter, Harper. As a matter of fact, fans couldn’t help but comment on how adorable Brandon and Harper looked together during a recent dance-a-thon they had at home. The actor shared a clip of all the fun on his Instagram account. Here’s what you need to know.

Brandon captioned his post with,

“A lil Marvin Gaye to start the day. Catch the ferocious conclusion over @thefathership 🦕💃🦖🕺#daddy#daughter #love #dance.”

Needless to say, it didn’t take very long for Brandon’s fans to respond. A lot of them commented on the clip with, “Wow she’s really moving and groovin..get it Harper. I just love all of the moments that you share with your fans. This little girl loves her daddy to the moon and back,” along with, “The love between you both is so very visible to all. She is so lucky to have a great father like you in her life. Good job Brandon!”

Brandon Barash Has A Dance-A-Thon With Daughter Harper

Another fan wrote, “Ok this is awesome, because she will always have these fun memories to remember, plus you seem to be an awesome dad. Don’t ever change Brandon, your fans love you and will always support you.”

As many fans know, Brandon shares the blonde cutie with his ex-wife, Kirsten Storms, who fans best know as Maxie Jones on General Hospital. Even though they’ve been divorced for several years now, Brandon and Kirsten maintain a very good relationship for the sake of their daughter. Talk about two great role models and co-parents for the celebrity world, right?

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