6 Reasons Being a Twin Mom is Awesome

6 Reasons Being a Twin Mom is Awesome

Many moms can’t imagine having twins, but a multiple birth can definitely have its perks! While two babies does mean twice the atedings, burps, and diapers, there are several reasons why being a twin mom is awesome too!

  1. One less pregnancy

Having two babies at once is a like a good “buy one, get one free” sale at your favorite store. Double the excitement without twice the labor pains, bathroom trips, or backaches!

  1. Only one set of milestones

It can be difficult to keep up with all the important parts of life when you have two children of different ages. Preschoolers are always doing new things, but you want to capture your toddler’s first word and step at the same time. With twins, they hit these milestones at roughly the same time, so you can be sure to experience them.

  1. My children have a built-in best friend

As twins age, they will no doubt be each other’s favorite compadre. They will play together, watch movies together, and hopefully even nap together! This means you can take a moment to catch your breath without having to constantly entertain a child, or multiple children of different ages.

Plus, with the best friend being in the same home, you aren’t forced to drive them over to their buddies house every other day – or have random kids in your home all the time either.

6 Reasons Being a Twin Mom is Awesome

  1. Matching clothes if you’re into that

Some moms aren’t a “matchy” kind of parent until they have twins. Then, it’s all about buying two of everything. It’s so cute to see the kiddos in the same, or at least coordinating, outfits though! And makes shopping easier on Mom too!

  1. Twice the love

Getting double the hugs and sloppy kisses is definitely a perk of having twins. The love you get from a baby is always so sweet and innocent, and when you can get it from two at once, it just fills your heart!

  1. More offers to help

A sweet baby may garner you a little assistance in the grocery store or at home with family and friends. But exchange the singleton with twins, and you are sure to get many offers for helping hands! And let’s be serious, who doesn’t want a little extra attention at the end of a long shopping trip, or day in general?!

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