10 Fun Facts About Twins For Expectant Moms

The twin birth rate is on the up and up worldwide and the fascination with all thing twin keeps on growing. Every child, I dare say, would love to have a twin and everyone seems to have a “how the twins fooled me” type story to tell. Identical or not, twins have always captured our imagination and managed to mesmerize, so much so, that you just wanna find out more.

First-time moms of twins will eagerly long to find out all there is to know, and here are some fun facts that will make you smile and wonder with amazement:

  1. Genetics are More Powerful than Environmental Factors: Even if twins are separated at birth and raised by different sets of parents they often display similar characters. Anecdotal evidence exists that such twins often make similar life choices, display matching likes and dislikes and often share strong personality traits.
  2. Twins Don’t Have to Be the Same Race: If both parents are mixed race, couples may very well have two twins of different skin color. This is because both sperm and egg will always contain genes for both races and there is an endless number of possible combinations that will ultimately determine the twin’s individual race.
  3. Secret Language: Research suggests that up to 40% of twins develop their own secret language and that all twins teach each other words, some of them made up of course.
  4. Moms of Twins Live Longer: Recently conducted studies suggest that moms of twins live longer.
  5. Drink Lots of Milk if You are Hoping for Twins: Mothers who drink lots of milk and eat dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are more likely to conceive twins. Vegans, however, are five times less likely to have twins.
  6. Close Bond: Twins are thought to engage in some form of interaction in the womb as early as at fourteen weeks. Many twins sleeping side by side, find themselves holding hands and snuggling up in their sleep, presumably in an instinctive attempt to relive the closeness experienced in the womb.
  7. Mirror Images: 25% of identical twins are said to be mirror images of each other. One may have a birthmark on his left shoulder while the other has it on the mirroring right shoulder.
  8. Breast Temperature: If a woman breastfeeds twins simultaneously, each breast will automatically adjust its temperature to suit each baby.
  9. Fingerprints: Though identical twins closely share their looks, their fingerprints are different.
  10. Polar Bears Mostly Have Twin Births: While the human twin rate is relatively low, polar bears mostly give birth to twins.

Having twins is truly amazing and being a twin even more so and it is hard to imagine a bond closer than that of two little babies sharing the small space of mom’s womb, growing and developing side by side.


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