7 Ways to Teach Kids About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about more than just turkey and mashed potatoes. If you are looking to teach your kids more about this wonderful and history-rich holiday, take a look at some helpful tips below. Below you will find 7 ways to teach kids about Thanksgiving that are both fun and frugal. Here is how you can get started!

1. Explore the menu of the first Thanksgiving.
Canned cranberries and store bought pumpkin pie weren’t at the first Thanksgiving. Explore the first menu which most likely included duck, bison, deer, whole cranberries, tri-color corn, cornbread, and more. If you want, you can even try preparing and sampling some of this traditional fare!

2. Research traditional pilgrim/Native American clothing.
The first Thanksgiving didn’t take place in Sunday best or jeans and sweaters. Take a peek online or in a library book at what some of the traditional clothing may have looked like. Peek at the Native American clothing, headdresses, and jewelry as well as the hats and bonnets worn by early settlers.

3. Discover the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
Why did the pilgrims and Native Americans celebrate the first Thanksgiving? Talk about what obstacles they had overcome and what they had to be thankful for. Help children understand what living conditions were like at that time, and what the settlers had to endure to survive.

4. Make a thankful list.
Let children craft their own Thankful List to reflect on what they have to be thankful for. Give them time to think and then jot down their ideas. Share your lists when you are done.

5. Share how to show thankfulness.
Now that you know what you are thankful for, how do you show it? Talk about the ways to show you are thankful, such as writing a note of thanks for giving a small gift to someone to show your appreciation. It can also be as simple as saying thank you.

6. Explore how others celebrate Thanksgiving.
Explore how people around the country celebrate Thanksgiving. Some hold parades or parties. Others cook feasts. Some like to craft and spend time with family. Explore these various celebrations and compare them to your own.

7. Make a Thanksgiving craft.
Let children get hands-on by creating a hand turkey. Have them trace their own hand and color it to resemble this iconic symbol of the holiday.

Give these 7 ways to teach children about Thanksgiving a try and see how they can better help your child understand this beautiful holiday.


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