Why You Shouldn’t Buy Two of Everything For Twins

When I first found out that I was going to have not one, but two babies, it was something of a shock. Make no mistakes, having Ella and Rose was one of the best things that ever happened to me –  I couldn’t be happier. Still, when the news broke that twins were on their way, it was something of a shock even for me.

At the time, I remember people asking me one thing. Everyone seemed obsessed with the idea of my twins having ‘twin’ things. It was as though people thought my little ones should have the same outfits, the same toys, and the same hobbies. Yikes. I wasn’t so sure about that one, to be honest. I’m a firm believer in twins having separate things. Here’s why:

Twins are separate beings

I really, really want to reinforce this idea as much as humanly possible. Just because your two children are twins, that does not mean that they are one being. Having twins is a very special experience, but this is something that you need to know before it happens. When you’re raising twins, you want to affirm to them that they are not expected to be the same. You should, in fact, encourage them to be different.

That means that buying them separate things is not such a bad idea after all. In fact, them having things that they can call ‘their own’ is very healthy. This is something that I’ve tried to do with my girls. Yes, they have some ‘twin’ items, but I make sure that nothing everything they own is the exact same.

They need their own style

As your twins grow up, you should encourage them to develop their own style and personality. Let them know that they are free to experiment with the things that they like and don’t like. Hint: They don’t have to like all the same things.

You might find that one of your kids likes playing sports while the other likes playing with dolls. That is perfectly natural and healthy. Trying to force them into liking the same things all the time is not. Remember that as it will serve you well when choosing toys and the like for your kids.

Sharing everything is unhealthy

While, sure, it may be more economical to have your twins share everything, you need to consider how they feel about that. I would absolutely hate the thought of Ella and Rose feeling like they don’t have anything of their own. Let’s be honest here, the very notion of that makes me desperately sad.

It makes sense that your twins would share some of their toys now and then. As parents, we’re always teaching little ones to share nicely, right? Still, you should be sure to buy them gifts that are ‘just for them’ so that they feel happy and unique. Otherwise, you could run the risk of your little ones feeling like they are always lumped together. How would you like that, eh?

Hint: It helps to tell them apart

Finally, here’s a little bit of a selfish reason for giving your twins separate things. It helps you tell them apart. Of course, every mother can see the difference between identical twins when she really looks. That’s natural. Still, what if you need to tell them apart at a quick glance?

If you’ve dressed your kids in the exact same outfits, that’s going to be anything but easy. Dressing them in different colors or styles of clothes will mean that you never confuse them again! I’ve found this handy trick really useful with my little ones and I’m certain you will too.


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