Simple Halloween Spider Plate Craft For Kids

October is almost here and that means before we know it the day of spook will arrive – Halloween! One of the most beloved occasions by children, Halloween is a great time to get children to participate in some fun activities. Halloween crafting is one my daughter’s favorite activities to do together. Be sure to make this fun and simple spider craft with your children this October. The spider is a perfect Halloween decoration because it invokes fear in young and old alike!

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Simple Halloween Spider Plate Craft For Kids

Paper plate
Brown craft paint
4 Brown pipe cleaners
Craft googly eyes
Hole puncher
Foam paint brush


1. Lay a piece of newspaper down on your work surface
2. Use your foam paint brush to paint your paper plate brown and let dry

Simple Halloween Spider Craft
3. Punch four holes on each side of the paper plate

Simple Halloween Spider Craft

4. Cut your pipe cleaners in half, loop one in each hole, and twist the ends together 

Simple Halloween Spider Craft

Simple Halloween Spider Craft
5. Now glue your googly eyes onto the front of the spider 

Simple Halloween Spider Craft

6. You can bend the legs if you want him to stand up or keep them flat if you want to hang your spider up 


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