The Best Potty Training Books

Potty training books came in handy when we were teaching Ava. Basically, these books helped her understand more the importance of using her potty. Nonetheless, we experienced some challenges. Ava, like most young toddlers, disliked potties. She was always nervous from the beginning. So, I sorted for help from fellow moms.

That’s when I came to discover that teaching Ava verbally wasn’t enough. Most of my fellow mom’s used potty books to train their kids. The books had clear photos of what the kid would do and had nuggets filled with some of the expected reaction from the kids. Surprisingly, that turned out to be quite helpful to their kids. Here are some of the books I’d suggest.

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  1. The Potty Training Solution: Toilet Train Your Child

The book: Potty train solution by the acclaimed author, Margaret Rous, teaches parents different parenting techniques, methods, and approaches. In her book, Margaret has listed several helpful methods for every parent. She appreciates the uniqueness of every child. In addition, there’s also a guide to one-day training.

  1. POTTY by Leslie Patricelli

Potty is a classic book that’s actually a number one seller on Amazon. It is a training book intended for kids. It has great features with simple text and illustrations for baby’s everyday use. The book has been proven to be a great influence for toddlers. It is the perfect book for introducing your young one to the idea of potty in a fun but rather interesting way. Personally, I’ve used the book on Ava and she really loved it.

  1. Potty Train Your Child In Just One Day by Teri Crane

Potty train your child, a book by Teri Crane, introduces parents to new dynamic potty practices. The book has helped parents learn engaging ways to introduce their kids to the idea of using a potty. According to reviews online, every method tested has worked for hundreds of parents. Furthermore, it has several parts: the potty training videos, books involved and helpful potty “games” for kids.

  1. I Want My Potty (Little Princess) by Tony Ross

I Want My Potty is a book that brings a sense of humor to potty training. The book is an exact replica of what you’d go through with your kids. It is a book about a young Little Princess who considers nappies to be better than a royal potty. But, as the plot unfolds she begins and ends up loving the royal potty.

  1. Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel

Alona features a classic tale of a little one’s first potty experience. Filled with graphics, it helps guide the toddler on how to use the potty. Furthermore, it uses language that toddlers can relate to with ease. Better yet, there are two versions of the book, a version for boys and another one for girls.

  1. Everyone Poos by Taro Gomi

Everyone Poos by Taro is a hilarious book that is a best seller. The book is about animals needing to poo. It helps the toddler understand that it’s okay to go poo in the potty. That everyone goes to poo at a point. It is a fun read that will get your kids learn the art of “pooing.” Ava really loved the book. Not only was it hilarious for her, but also helped her understand that everyone poops.

  1. A Potty for Me! By Karen Katz

Karen’s book is an instructional manual that uses some entertaining cartoon illustrations to impact positively the minds of young readers. The book has several rhymes that will keep your kid engaged and appreciate the use of a potty.

  1. Potty Time! By Caroline Jayne Church

This board book teaches children the 1-2-3’s of potty training while captivating them with a sound module that’s similar to a toilet flushing. Ava loved pushing the button over and over again and made her want to read the book more. 

  1. Welcome to Poop Camp: The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Whole Truth About Potty Training By Sanders

Here’s another poop training guide for parents. The book focuses on helping parents prepare for poop training. The author, Sanders, has trained more than 50 children and has detailed all the different methods that worked in the 80 page book. Daniel and I enjoyed every bit of this book.

  1. On Your Potty By Virginia Miller

On your potty is a book written by Virginia to reach to several kids who find discomfort and embarrassment when they are learning how to use their potties. The book addresses potty training as a non-threatening activity that will see every child embrace independence.


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