Heidi Klum Opens Up About Sharing Her Shoes With Her Daughters

Heidi Klum Opens Up About Sharing Her Shoes With Her Daughters

She’s one of the most fashionable and stylish women in the entertainment industry, so it’s no wonder that her daughters are already looking to raid her closet! Supermodel and celebrity mom Heidi Klum recently opened up about sharing some of her fashion staples with her two daughters, 13-year-old Leni and 7-year-old Lou. In fact, Heidi says that her girls are already “drooling” over her shoes!

Speaking to People Magazine, Heidi said that she plans on passing down a lot of her fashionable clothes and accessories to her two daughters. There’s even a good possibility that the two girls will grow up with a love for fashion as they are already trying to follow in their famous mother’s stylish footsteps. That’s why Heidi is already saving some of her most prized possessions for them.

The German-born beauty said, “I have a lot of red-carpet looks and gowns — not all of them, but I have a few because I have two girls. My girls are drooling over my shoes.”

Heidi also reveals something that we’ve never known before – that she might have the biggest feet in the fashion world! But considering how tall she is, that doesn’t surprise her fans at all. It’s also no wonder Leni and Lou can’t wait to get their hands on her shoe collection.

The proud mom continued, “They’re waiting, and they’re worried that they’re not gonna have my shoe size. I have an 11 shoe, so they have to grow into it! If they’re not that size, then they’re s— out of luck! Out of my major, major shoes, they’re all photographed, boxed — if you go into my basement, I have boxes with photos because I have really special shoes that I’ve worn.”

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