Lauren Conrad Is In No Hurry to Lose Her Baby Weight

Lauren Conrad Is In No Hurry to Lose Her Baby Weight

Lauren Conrad says she’s in no hurry to lose her baby weight anytime soon. That’s because she’s enjoying her new curves and her new body! The former reality television star and current fashion designer gave birth to her son, Liam James on July 5. She shares the adorable tot with her husband, William Tell.

Speaking to People Magazine, Lauren says one of the reasons why she wants to hold on to the 35 pounds she gained during her pregnancy is because she’s enjoying all of her new, enhanced features (including a bigger bra size!). She also says that unlike other celebrity moms, she’s in no hurry to get back inside a gym again.

She told the publication, “I’m going to wait a few weeks obviously and wait until I get the okay from the doctor, but I’m excited to get back into it. I’ll see what my body is ready for. I just made a person. It’s fine. And there are always things you can do to make yourself feel better,” she says. “Spanx exist for a reason.”

Lauren also said that she wants to focus on what really matters right now, which of course is her newborn son Liam, and not the size of her jeans. That’s why for now she’s just taking things one day at a time.

She continued, “I’m trying to focus on things that are positive — like, I’ve never had boobs before, so I’m going to try those on for a little bit. I’m trying on a new shape.”

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