How to Deal With Exhaustion With Twins

How to Deal With Exhaustion With Twins

No one can understand how utterly tiring having twins is until it happens to them. When I first became a mother, it was a difficult adjustment. Still, that was nothing compared to the sheer stress that hit me when the twins came along just a little later. Looking after not one, but two newborns is basically mission impossible. You feel as though your energy is drained before the day’s even begun and you never get the sleep that you need.

My Twin Girls
                                                      My Twin Girls

If you’re new to the world of twins, welcome! It isn’t going to be easy. Not by a long shot. You will absolutely have to find ways to cope with your exhaustion or you will burn out. So, how can you do it? Well, here are some tips that I’ve learned firsthand. With any luck, they will help you too.

Sleep when they sleep!

You’ve probably heard this mantra before now, but it really does work. The fact of the matter is that babies need a whole load of rest when they’re first born. So, the moment they hit the hay, you need to do the same. This will likely mean that you have to change your sleeping pattern somewhat. Don’t worry… It will be well worth it.

Accept help from your family

There’s no room for pride here. Your family will likely gather around to help you the moment you become the mom of twins. It’s only natural. If that happens, you have to accept their help. You’re a mother, yes, but you can’t handle everything on your own. If your mom offers to watch the little ones, say yes! It’s not rocket science. It’s not a crime, either. You need to get as much rest and space as possible.

Stock up on diapers and food

When you get a chance to hit the stores, make sure that you stock up as much as possible. Living with twins is chaotic, and so you need to make sure that you have everything you need. Who knows when you will get a spare moment to grab things like diapers and baby food again? Stock up as much as you can now so that you don’t need to worry later. You won’t regret it.

Have a day off every week

Okay, I’ll admit that this one can be kind of tricky. If you’re lucky enough to have a family member who will help out or your partner doesn’t mind going it alone for a day, you can do it. Basically, without the R&R you need, you will not be the best mother to your kids. Taking a day off each week isn’t a selfish act; it’s necessary. Allow yourself that little bit of peace on a regular basis and it will make all the difference.

Communicate with your partner

Finally, this last piece of advice is absolutely crucial. You and your partner are going through this together! Yes, you might both be a little snappy or grouchy. Having basically no sleep will do that to anybody, right? You have to make the time to talk to your partner and be realistic about how you’re both feeling.

This is not a war. You’re not against your partner – you are a team and you have to act like it. When times get hard, you will need to lean on them. It’s just that simple. If you two start arguing as well, you will find it ridiculously hard to cope. Don’t put that extra strain on your relationship or the household.

Good luck!

Now, I know it can be hard when you first have twins, but (trust me) you’ve got this. It will be tiring. It will be stressful. You will think you’re losing your mind. Still, when you see the look on your little one’s faces, it will all be worth it. Good luck, you guys!

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