Ben Affleck Goes Shopping With Sam, Violet, and Seraphina

Ben Affleck Goes Shopping With Sam, Violet, and Seraphina

Ben Affleck spent Saturday September 3 with his wild bunch of kids, the actor was spotted at a supermarket in Los Angeles, California with Violet Affleck, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, and Samuel Garner Affleck.  The 44 year old action film star had his hands full as they were leaving the supermarket.  

Ben Affleck he seemed to be handling his and Jennifer Garner’s trio with ease.  Ben juggled some shopping bags while holding his youngest Sam’s hands as they made their way through the parking lot.  Meanwhile, Violet danced around her Dad and rough housed with him while Seraphina trailed behind.  Ben managed to open some fruit snacks while piling the kids in to the car.  

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s relationship is a complicated one, and it’s pretty unclear whether they are still getting a divorce or are planning to reconcile.  Regardless of what is going on between the couple though, they always put their three children first and work hard to co-parent peacefully.  While Ben was being Dad-Of-The-Year this weekend, his wife Jennifer Gardiner was busy working in Colorado at the Telluride Film Festival promoting her new film “Wakefield.”  

Jen and Ben’s marriage and divorce is always a hot topic in the tabloids, but every time we see one or both of the stars out and about with their kids – they are all smiles.  It’s great to see Seraphina, Violet, and Sam so happy, and they are still absolutely adorable little kids, regardless of the fact that they aren’t so “little” any more!

Photo Credit: Fame/FlyNet

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