Alyssa Milano’s Son Milo Bugliari Turns 5 Years Old

Alyssa Milano's Son Milo Bugliari Turns 5 Years OldProud Mom Alyssa Milano took to Instagram to wish her son Milo Thomas Bugliari a “Happy Birthday.”  On August 31st Milo turned 5 years old!  It seems like just yesterday Alyssa and Dave Bugliari announced the birth of their healthy baby boy, he was born in 2011.  The couple also has a beautiful baby girl together named Elizabella Dylan Bugliari, she will be celebrating her 2nd birthday on September 4th.  

Milano posted a cute photo of her happy 5 year old on Instagram, Milo smiled for the camera.  The actress captioned the sweet snapshot, “Happy Birthday, my angel baby. I’m so proud to be your mommy.”  She also shared a photo of herself in labor at the hospital from the morning that Milo was born, with his father by her side.  Alyssa wrote, “This is what I was doing 5 years ago right now. And then at 9am on the 31st, after 18 hours of labor and 3 1/2 hours of pushing my beautiful Milo was born. And I was reborn.”

Recently Alyssa Milano made the shocking decision to drop out of the ABC summer drama “Mistresses” to be a full time mom to Milo and Elizabella.  Since putting her acting career on hold and spending more time with her beautiful kids, Alyssa seems happier than ever.  And, although it was sad to see her character leave “Mistresses,” the show has gone on without her and fans are thrilled to tune in every summer.  

What do you think of Alyssa’s sweet birthday message to Milo?  Can you believe how big he is getting?!  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Instagram


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