Promote Reading With This Fun Scaredy Squirrel Craft

 Scaredy squirrel craft

Is you’re preschooler a fan of the wildly popular Scaredy Squirrel, by Mélanie Watt? If so, make sure to add the follow-up book, Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend to you’re library. In this book, the lovable little worrywart sets out to make the perfect friend, but has a few unexpected bumps along the way. He learns that friends come in all sorts of packages. Alongside Scaredy Squirrel, children learn the importance of overcoming one’s fears and not judging others based on their appearance. What a great message right before a lot of preschoolers make the step to kindergarten!

My daughter loves Scaredy Squirrel so much I decided to create a cute craft to accompany the book! This craft is perfect to promote further reading because children will love having their own scaredy squirrel close during story time. The craft of Scaredy squirrel is simple and most preschoolers will have no trouble making the lovable creatures face will a little help. All you need is paper plates, paint, crayons, paper and few accessories to put the squirrel together!


 Scaredy squirrel craft

(2) Paper plates
Brown and tan craft paints
Pink cardstock/paper
Black crayon 
Foam paint brush
Hot glue or glue stick 


1. Cut the top and bottom of your paper plate off to make a oval shape and paint it tan 

 Scaredy squirrel craft

2. Do the same to your second plate, except cut most of the bottom off to make a 2 1/2″ wide paper plate strip

3. Cut a small nose hole from the bottom of your second paper plate strip, and paint it brown (this will be the top of the face) 

4. Use your paper plate scrap to cut out two small ears and paint them brown 

5. Then cut a football shape out from the scrap paper to use as teeth.

 Scaredy squirrel craft

6. Cut a small triangle out from your pink paper for the nose

7. Once your pieces are dry, glue the top brown face on like a mask, then the ears to the top 

 Scaredy squirrel craft

8. Draw your teeth onto your white football shape with your black crayon and glue on the bottom half 

9. Now glue your nose centered above the teeth

10. Use your crayon to draw on two small eyes onto the top brown face

 Scaredy squirrel craft

Enjoy and get reading!