The Perfect Easter Bunny Box For Your Treats

Easter Bunny Box

Easter is just around the corner and what better way to get ready for the big day than making a cute craft with your kids! Children will love personalizing this Bunny Box box and then filling it with chocolate treats to give as a gift. With help my four-year-old daughter had a easy time making the box for her grandma and is planning to make another for her pre-school teacher. 


Easter Bunny Box

Small white box
Pink construction paper
White/black pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Small flower
Heart hole puncher
Hot glue/hot glue gun


1. Fold your pink construction paper in half and cut out bunny ears

2. Cut your pipe cleaner into six even pieces

3. Use your heart hole punch to punch out a small heart from your scrap construction paper for the nose or you can cut one out

Easter Bunny Box

4. Now hot glue the ear on the top back of box

Easter Bunny Box

5. Hot glue your googly eyes onto the front top of your box

Easter Bunny Box

6. Glue your heart nose in the center below the eyes

7. Now glue three pipe cleaners to look like whiskers on each cheek of the bunny

Easter Bunny Box
8. Use your sharpie to draw a mouth and a few freckles

Easter Bunny Box
9. Hot glue your flower onto the top corner of your bunny

10. Fold one of your bunnies ears over and hot glue it down

11. Now your bunny is ready to display for Easter

Easter Bunny Box


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