‘General Hospital’ News: Emme Rylan Weekend Fun – Family Day At The Farmers Market

'General Hospital' News: Emme Rylan Weekend Fun – Family Day At The Farmers Market“General Hospital” Emme Rylan [Lulu Falconeri] enjoyed some weekend fun at the farmers’ market. Fiancé Don Money and the couple’s children Levi and Jackson headed to the Studio City Farmers’ market and hung out with a few chickens, a guinea pig and a baby goat or two.

Emme posted a few photos of the family fun day on Instagram. In one of the snapshots Levi is concentrating on feeding a guinea pig what looks like a bit of hay or perhaps straw. Emme captioned the photo, “#farmersmarket #sundayfunday. As fans commented, Levi is as handsome, adorable and the picture of cuteness.

😍 #farmersmarket #sundayfunday

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Jackson and Don are smiling from ear-to-ear in another photo. Emme Rylan is decked out in a baseball cap, a flannel shirt and oversized shades – and she’s holding a baby goat. This Instagram snapshot is captioned, “BABY GOAT!!!! #farmersmarket #sundayfunday.”

BABY GOAT!!!! #farmersmarket #sundayfunday

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The last two photos put chickens front and center. In one Jackson is sitting down and smiling as he pets a chicken. He certainly does look happy!  In the other snapshot Emme Rylan is holding a chicken and smiling. But the “General Hospital” actress doesn’t look as excited as Jackson.

Lap chicken. #farmersmarket #sundayfunday

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One “GH” fan encouraged Emme Rylan to go for it and get some chickens. “”Chickens are the best pets!!! Fresh eggs every day and they eat insects in the yard!” We wonder if Emme and Don ended up buying a baby goat, a guinea pig and a chicken at the Studio City Farmers’ Market!