‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ News: Jacob Young Celebrates Dr. Seuss’ Birthday – With Sons

'The Bold and the Beautiful' News: Jacob Young Celebrates Dr. Seuss' Birthday – With Sons“The Bold and the Beautiful” Jacob Young [Rick Forrester] celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with his son. Luke Young dressed up as Thing One. Jacob joked on Instagram that Luke was also Thing Two – the actor placed two pics of Luke side-by-side.

“Thing One and Thing Two” is one of the classic Dr. Seuss books and each year children around the world celebrate author Theodor Seuss Geisel’s birthday by dressing up as their favorite characters. This year Luke decided to be Thing One. And he looked adorable!

A few Instagram followers were a little confused by Jacobs’s pic – they wished Luke a happy birthday. Luke celebrated his 7th birthday on November 25. Jacob and his wife Christen also have a two-year-old daughter named Molly – and are expecting their third child, a girl, this spring.

Jacob and Christen moved their family away from Los Angles after purchasing a home and property in northern Utah. Jacob Young wanted his children to grow up being able to explore and play in tree forts. The family is happy living in the smallish town. They shop at the local market and even though everyone knows Jacob’s name and that he’s a star on “The Bold and the Beautiful” they are very respectful of his privacy.

But it’s nice when soap opera stars let fans see a little bit of their personal lives. “B&B” fans loved Luke’s costume. Jacob captioned the photos, “Looks like Luke is Thing 1 and Thing 1! lol! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! #dressup #1stgrade.”

Jacob’s wife Christen Young also shared a photo of Luke dressed up to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Her photo was captioned, “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!! #Luke #FirstGrade #DrSeuss #FirstGreadeFun #7yearsOld #LoveHim.”

Looks like Luke is Thing 1 and Thing 2! lol Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! #dressup #1stgrade @christenyoung4

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