‘General Hospital’ News: Michelle Stafford Shares Photos Of Sleepy Son Jameson Jones Lee – Moments In Motherhood

'General Hospital' News: Michelle Stafford Shares Photos Of Sleepy Son Jameson Jones Lee – Moments In MotherhoodGeneral Hospital” Michelle Stafford [Nina Reeves] is not shy about sharing photos of her children on social media. Recently she shared an adorable photo of sleepy Jameson Jones Lee with an adorable mustachioed pacifier.

When Michelle shares her moments in motherhood she does not hold back. The actress is truthful about her journey. Sometimes her captions on her Instagram photos aren’t for the faint of heart!

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The most recent photos Michelle posted include the aforementioned binky with a mustache. The little guy is also wearing a cute little knit cap. Michelle captioned this photo, “Mustache Lion Sleepy Head Bear #jamesonjoneslee.”

Just a day before that Jameson wasn’t so peaceful. Michelle posted a pic of Jameson after dinner and it wasn’t pretty. It must not have been a pleasant night at the dinner table because Jameson face and chest are pretty messy – typical baby, right? Michelle captioned this photo, “So, THIS happened tonight. I’m enjoying all of these milestones.

Mustache Lion Sleepy Head Bear…💙💙 #jamesonjoneslee

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She also commented that every time she started eating Jameson would scream “in protest with wild eyes every time he saw us eat.” Maybe Jameson Jones Lee is tired of baby food and ready to some good grown-up people eats!

The next pic Michelle Stafford shared is innocent enough. A black and white photo of a beautiful Michelle and her handsome son. But the caption left fans wondering just what kind of day Michelle and Jameson had!

Warning! If you head over to Instagram to check out the pic beware the not safe for work language! Michelle is honest and it may not be appropriate reading for all “General Hospital” fans.

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Without the language, Michelle reflected on motherhood and the fact that while most of her friend are going to expensive dinners and taking vacations, she spend her days getting barfed on, peed on and pooped on.

At the end of the post Michelle Stafford comments, “I may have just overstepped…Lord have mercy. Pardon me, I’m tired… LIFE But look at him… He is chewy, isn’t he? #TRUTH.

GH” fans really do enjoy everything Michelle shares with viewers – the good, the bad, the ugly and the sometimes unfiltered thoughts. Many commented that they can completely relate to how the actress feels being a single mom and raising two children alone. They also agreed – it’s all worth it.

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