Valentine’s Day Fun at Home With Small Children

Valentine’s Day Fun at Home With Small Children

Most kids who are school aged are having parties at school with their peers. From making Valentine’s Day cards to the fun heart shaped cookies they’re bound to have fun. So what about those of us who don’t have kiddos in school yet? These fun ideas are sure to be a hit!

Heart hand print art projects

Start off with white construction paper + pink, red or whatever color paint you would like. Simply enough, you’ll paint the hands of your little ones and place them on the paper to make a heart. You can do several ways: Option 1- take the hands and paint the palms of their hands and place them on the paper in two different ways. Either keep the fingers together (making the palm of the hand being the top of the heart) or slightly over lap the palm of the hand (making the fingers the top of the heart.). Option two, make fists with your little ones hands and paint simply the outside of the fist. Form their fingers into a heart and push onto the paper (this is a bit harder for small hands and is likely easier to do with older children). Then cut a heart around the hand print shapes and let kiddos decorate them as they feel. These are great projects for grandparents! It’s also neat to do these every year so you can watch your children grow!

Fun with Food

If you don’t have heart shaped cookie cutters these ones could be a bit harder. My mom turned our holiday’s into food extravaganzas. Start with heart shaped pancakes with red strawberries and strawberry milk. For lunch, heart shaped sandwiches, apples & fruit punch! Dinner, well of course heart shaped steaks! Not really, that’d be a bit rough, however, spaghetti is a fun “red” meal! Finish off with heart shaped cookies or a strawberry frosted heart cake!

Valentine’s Day Games

Instead of good ol’ fashioned pin the tail on the donkey, try pin the name on the heart. Obviously quite simple of a game but great for the younger ones! Cut out a large heart using any type of paper really, a newspaper makes a nice large heart! Then cut out little hearts with your children’s names, or perhaps reasons why you love them and let them pin them onto your heart! Another favorite game as kids was heart candy mad libs! This one will take a bit more planning on your part as momma! Take the heart candies with the fun sayings on them and write out a story about how you “love them” and want to “kiss you” and let your kids have fun filling in all the blank spaces with the candy hearts! Again, this project is best for the older crowd who can read. It also makes a fun valentine for kiddos to give another parent!

What are you planning to do with your youngsters this Valentine’s Day?


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