7 Fun Snow Day Activities to Do With Kids

7 Fun Snow Day Activities to Do With Kids

Snow might mean spending a great deal of time indoors, which can ultimately lead to some serious cabin fever. If your children are itching to get out and have some snow fun, take a look at these 7 fun snow day activities to do with kids. These snow day activities are a great way to get out and be active! Here is how you can get started.

1. Paint the snow.
Fill small cups with finger paints and paint the snow. Just dip your brush in the paint and brush it onto flattened snow. When the snow melts, the paint will easily wash away.

2. Airbrush the snow.
Go for more of an airbrush look when you put water and food coloring in a spray bottle. Then, spray the coloring onto the snow for a cool air brushed look! You can create all sorts of sprayed on designs and color combos.

3. Have a snowman building contest.
Have each child create a snowman with a theme in mind. Use items around the house to dress up your snowman and complete the theme. For example you can try making a princess snowman, or football snowman.

4. Try some melting magic.
Take a cup of snow and melt it in the microwave. Examine the water under a magnifying glass. Look at the particles, dirt, and other items that are in the snow!

5. Make “snow cookies”.
Pack snow into flat sheets and cut out shapes with cookie cutters. This is a fun fine motor skill for kids and a great way to teach shapes as well.

6. Make your snow glow.
Try hiding glow sticks in the snow to make them glow. This is a fun activity to try at dusk when the sun is starting to go down. If you wish, you can cut the tip off the glow stick and sprinkle the glowing solution onto the snow as well.

7. Enjoy a day of snow games.
Try some various snow games such as sledding, and some non traditional games such as Frisbee or volleyball. There is something really fun about playing summer games in the snow and children will love the switch up!

See how fun the snow can really be? Give these 7 fun snow day activities to do with kids a try and see how much “cool” fun you can have!