Leprechaun Foot Prints Craft For St. Patrick’s Day


This St. Patrick’s Day, make your own leprechaun foot prints just like the ones you see above. These little foot prints are perfect for stamping on paper, greeting cards, or even poster board for some St. Patrick’s Day fun. Here is how you can get started crafting your own. As you can see, you only need a few supplies and a few minutes.
Supplies needed:
Green craft paint
Paint brush
Craft paper

1. Begin by making a fist as shown. Apply a layer of paint to the area of skin along the side of the fist and the little finger. Make the paint nice and smooth and remove any access paint.

2. Press your fist to the paper and hold firmly in place. Remove. You will see the base of the foot print appear.

3. Add a little paint to the tip of your finger. Make five impressions at the top of the print. These will be the toes of the leprechaun.

4. Use your paint brush to fill in any bare spots.

Your leprechaun foot prints are now complete. As you can see, they are a very simple and quick St. Patrick’s Day craft that anyone can enjoy!