Enjoy Some Free Family Fun This Fall

Family throwing leaves in the air

Fall is just around the corner and that means a whole bunch of new fun activities your family can enjoy together. Here are some great activities that are not only free, but fun for the kids!

One of my favorite free family fall activity is playing in the leaves.

Kids love jumping in a huge pile of leaves. Make a day of it. Start with a few rakes and you’ve got the kids doing something constructive without even knowing it. Rake the leaves into a gigantic pile and watch the fun begin. Take a few pictures, have a leaf fight, enjoy family time together and create funtastic fall memories.

Another great family fall activity is creating a fall compost pile. What kid doesn’t like digging for worms. Get the entire family involved by creating a compost pile with a few worms and leaves. Not only are you teaching your child about the environment, but they are also enjoying family time together.

Turn family fall fun into a science lesson. Kids love to gather leaves. Why not make it a fun family activity and teach a little science. Collect a variety of leaves and play a guessing game with the family. See who can name all the different leaves they’ve collected.

Make leaf art. Kids love to color. Use paper sacks from the grocery store or printer paper and make leaf etchings. Gather twigs and create twig frames for your kid’s leaf art.

Be creative. There are a lot of ways you and your family can enjoy free fall fun with leaves. If you don’t have a bunch of leaves, you can always look for free pumpkin patches or apple orchards. It’s a great way to teach your child about nature while enjoying time together.

End your fun-filled day with a hot cup of apple cider and a bowl of delicious chili.