Easy Halloween Craft: Spooky Goodie Bag Bunting Banner

Halloween Goodie Bag Bunting Banner

What can you create with a few Halloween goodie bags and ribbon? A Halloween themed bunting banner of course! This is a frugal and fun Halloween DIY that is so easy, it’s scary. Take a peek below at how you can craft your own Spooky Halloween Goodie Bag Bunting Banner in literally minutes, using supplies found at your local dollar store.

Supplies needed

Assorted paper Halloween goodie bags
Scalloped or regular scissors
Craft glue or hot glue, glue gun

Halloween Goodie Bag Bunting Banner

As mentioned, you can find all of these supplies at your local dollar store. You only need 5-7 bags, which are sold in packages of 10 for just $1.


1. Begin by taking your scissors and trimming the bottom inch off of each bag. Make sure you are leaving the bag flat and unopened.

Halloween Goodie Bag Bunting Banner
2. Once the bottom is trimmed, you can add the triangle accent. Just snip inward, cutting out a triangle from each bag.
3. Lay your ribbon flat, shiny side down. Apply a two inch strip of glue to the ribbon and press the top of the goodie bag to it. Press it in place until it is dry.
4. Repeat the process with each bag, spacing each apart about 1 inch as you do.
5. Once your bags are glued in place and are dry, you can display your banner.

This Halloween goodie bag bunting banner is the perfect décor piece for your Halloween parties, or even just your home. Make your banner as long or as short as you wish, using goodie bags and ribbon colors that appeal to you.


As you can see, this goodie bag bunting banner is so easy to make, and it can be crafted for just pennies. Give one a try this Halloween season and see how much spooky fun you can whip up!

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