Non-Scary Halloween Celebration Ideas for Kids

Halloween can be a fun and exciting holiday for kids. Sometimes it is too scary for young or sensitive children and you need to look for alternatives to scary Halloween. Instead, this year opt to stay home and have a not so scary Halloween celebration even your youngest kids can enjoy. The key to making the most over your Halloween at home is to leave the expectations of a traditional trick or treating and scaring neighborhood kids behind. When your child needs a calm and non-scary holiday you have to take a look at it all a bit differently and remember to have fun.

Choose age-appropriate activities. Younger kids will get a kick out of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. Older kids will love something a bit more grown up like a movie marathon of Halloween Town. Add some treats and pizza for a fun night in that your kids will love. Halloween can be fun without any of the scary parts. Make the pizza even more fun by having your child design their own personal sized pizza.

Even if you are not leaving the house for Halloween help your kid dress up in a fun and non-scary Halloween costume so they can enjoy the holiday. Kids love dressing up as their favorite superhero, princess, or other characters any day of the week so a new costume for their dress-up collection is bound to make your little one happy. If your child is not into costumes due to preference or sensory issues swap the costume out for a new pair of super soft pajamas in a cool design they will love.

Challenge your child to dress up as something fun using only items around the house. Give each child that makes an effort a reward for younger children. Have a contest for any older children. This challenges creativity and helps kids learn to think outside the box while having fun.

Is your child scared of all of the Halloween ghouls outside? Why not build a blanket fort for a safe and cozy place to hang out for the night. Kids love to build their own fort to keep out the creepy things and when you encourage it and bring some snacks in even the most frightened child will smile and be excited to jump in.

Make your own Halloween treats at home. Kids love getting into the kitchen and helping cook and bake. Why not have them help decorate cute Halloween treats, make caramel popcorn balls, or dip candied apples? The best Halloween treats are the ones that have happy memories instead of scary ones

Some families want to avoid Halloween as a whole but still have some good clean fun while everyone else is out enjoying Halloween events. Having your own little harvest party is a great way to spend Halloween doing something fun without the scary part. Make pumpkin-themed treats, spend some time working in the fall garden, and gather with like-minded friends for a little fun. Your child won’t feel like they are missing out.


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