Ways to Get Your Kid Active This Summer


Are you concerned that your child is too happy being inside all the time? Maybe you want him or her to enjoy more fresh air or get more exercise. Maybe you would just like to see the video game or computer turned off for a while. It’s times to get creative with the ways to get your kid active this summer. You may have to change some of your own habits as well, but getting your kid active isn’t as hard as you think.

Create a Family Plan

For the most part, all that children really want from their parents is time. Your child probably doesn’t want to go outside and run laps alone or do other solo activities. A chance to spend time with parents is a whole other situation. Even teens like to be reminded of how much they can enjoy time as a family.

Ask your children what they are interested in. Suggest new hobbies and inquire about old or existing ones. As a family you can each try new hobbies together or at least try hobbies that other family members are already interested in. If you can each agree to try one new activity this summer, you may soon find that you have a list of activities you can do as a family. As a family you can get more active together.

Offer Something to Do

If your child has something they can do outside they will be more inclined to step outside and get active. Even something as simple as horseshoes or a game of cornhole will get your child up and moving.

Present a Challenge

Make a commitment as a family to be more active. Challenge each other to see who can do the most walking or who can hold a yoga pose longer. Challenge, but don’t intimidate. If your kid isn’t active they may be self-conscious about getting active. If you can make the change to an active lifestyle more fun for them, they will be more likely to make it a part of their everyday routine. Otherwise, they will fight you every step of the way. A challenge may be just the way to motivate not just your child, but your entire family!

It is far too easy to let children become inactive today. With electronics that offer any sort of entertainment they can dream up, your children are stimulated without setting foot outside the house. The trend of inactivity has led to more unnecessary health problems in children than there ever were before. If you want your child to be more active, you are going to have to get creative about it and maybe even look at your own level of inactivity in the process.