Smart Tricks to Save on Baby Gear

Smart Tricks to Save on Baby Gear #Saving #Baby

Having a baby is notoriously expensive. It can be a huge financial burden to take on but it doesn’t have to stress you out. There are many ways you can save on baby gear and get everything you need in time for your bundle of joy  that won’t leave you penniless.

Buy used only when it is safe. Many people will suggest that you buy used baby gear like strollers, clothes, cribs and car seats. The truth is, most of the stuff you can buy used for baby is not safe to do. There could be recalls on a n item you are not aware of or in the case of car seats, they could be expired or have been involved in a car accident. Instead, if you need to buy used baby gear, buy things like clothing as it is usually safe to do so as long as it isn’t too old.

If you will be breast feeding, rent or borrow a breast pump. While this might seem unsanitary to you, you really can effectively clean reusable parts of the pump well and you can often borrow them from a local chapter of the La Leche League or the local WIC office.  The only parts you should need to buy are attachments which only run you about $50 as opposed to the several hundred a good pump could cost.

Buy diapers your whole pregnancy and stock up. Diapers are one of the biggest expenses, and you will go through a lot in those first few months. Save yourself in the future by purchasing a few packs each month with coupons. You could also look into cloth diapering as it saves a lot of money in that department.

When it comes to preparing for baby, start with a few essentials and skip the bells and whistles for now. If you find you need a bumbo seat later, then get one, but don’t focus on them until you need them or you may be buying stuff that will hardly get any use.

Don’t go cheap on some things or you will end up spending more on replacements In the end. For instance, if you buy cheap diapers, you will use more of them and if you buy a cheap stroller, and you plan to use it a lot, it will wear out a lot quicker.

Don’t buy baby books. You will only use them for a very short period of time so borrowing or buying them at yard sales is the best bet. You can also find free ones on Amazon to download. Just make sure if you are borrowing or buying used books, they are not too outdated so the information in them is still relevant and up to safety standards.

Shop with someone who is a peer and has a child. While it is great going shopping with the soon to be grandma, she can often talk you into baby gear that you don’t need just because it’s cute. Shop with a peer that has a baby or two. She will know what is really necessary and can help you avoid what isn’t.