Child’s Heel Print Easter Egg Cards #EasterCraft

Child's Heel Print Easter Egg Cards #EasterCraft
We love to make our own cards and being able to put our own special spin on them is the greatest of all personalized cards! These adorable and creative Easter egg cards are simply made with your child’s heel! With a bit of tickling involved, everyone will be laughing as this family friendly Easter craft comes to life! 

Items Needed 

2-3 sheets of various colored/printed scrapbook paperNon-toxic paint
Puff Paint
Paint brush (optional)
Craft Scissors


Start by creating a place in the floor where your child can sit comfortable on a stool while you help paint their heel. You can have them dip their heel as well if they have good control over how much paint they are applying to their foot. 


Cut out your cards with your craft scissors and place them all in a stack ready to be “printed.” 

Dip or paint just the heel of your child’s foot and stamp each card. 
Wipe the paint using a wet cloth or baby wipe and move to your next color. (You may need to allow each print to dry before moving on if the paint is quite thick, to prevent mixing.) 
Once You have stamped all of your eggs on all of your cards and allowed them dry, decide what color of puff paints you would like to use. We matched puff paint colors to each egg and outlined them, let dry. 
Let the kiddos have fun using puff paint to decorate each egg and let dry. 
Add your Easter Greetings to each card using puff paint and allow to dry.  Once they are all dry you can personalize the inside with a sweet Easter message and send away! 

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