Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

‘Tis the season for craft ideas! Halloween is only just a short two weeks away and if you’re looking for some fun and EASY kid friendly crafts, you’ve come to the right place!

Cheese Cloth Decorations:

Cheese cloth is cheap and easy to use! You can buy it at your local department store for a couple of bucks. To make a simply adorable ghost, find a wire hanger and drape the cheese cloth over the hanger. You can spray the cheese cloth with starch (can be found online and at craft stores) to create the hard shell.  When your ghost is dry, add googley eyes and you’re finished!

Pumpkins are another fun and easy cheese cloth project. First dye your fabric with a easy to use home dye to get that lovely pumpkin color. We found the best way to mold these was to blow up medium sized balloons and drape the cheese cloth over them. Again, spray with starch. Once the cloth is dry or starts to dry enough to hold its shape pop the balloon. This will obviously give you an oval shape, rather than round so we cut off the bottom where the cheese cloth narrowed and it also gave us a flat bottom. You can bend and mold the drying cheese cloth to make a better shape if desired. Embellish accordingly for silly jack-o-lanterns or leave alone for a traditional pumpkin look. Another fun and much simpler pumpkin decoration is to buy medium sized pumpkins (if you buy fake pumpkins you can reuse these year after year!) and simply wrap them with the white cheese cloth. Add googley eyes and you’ve got a mummy!

Make your own Trick-or-Treat bags!

These are super easy and fun for kiddos to decorate. We found reusable shopping bags from our local grocery store with a small label on them so it was easy to cover up. I bought several foam stickies from my local craft store and my kiddos went to town!

You could also cut up fabric, foam and paper to make a cute witch, scary monster or friendly Frankenstein! For Frankenstein, cover your bag with green foam. Then use black foam for his hair, eyes, mouth and nose. Embellish your bag with googley eyes, white foam teeth and a black scar on his forehead. This is easy especially if you have all your pieces pre-cut and your kids can just glue on and go- also great for Halloween parties to do on small gift bags.

Paper Lantern Jacks:

These can be done several ways. Paper lanterns can be picked up at most craft stores or found online for very cheaply! Find different sizes to add dimension to your crafts. These can be finished off with whatever goodies you come up with. Our favorites are googley eyes and foam noses and mouths! Get creative!

As always make sure to share your lovely creations with us!

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