Jennifer Garner Picks Up Her Girls From School

Jennifer Garner Picks Up Her Daughters From School

Jennifer Garner was photographed picking up her daughters VioletSeraphina from school in Santa Monica, California on Monday (Oct. 7).

The Dallas Buyers Club actress was dressed in jean button-up blouse, grey pants and flats while holding Seraphina’s hand. Violet walked besides them carrying a backpack and paper from school.

Garner who is an outspoken supporter of the California law to stop paparazzi from getting too close to the children of the celebrities claims she and her family may move if the law fails to pass.

“We had looked at all different things, moving out of California, you know all manners of things,” the 41-year-old actress told Today correspondent Jenna Bush Hager. “I think that there’s an idea that because our pictures are everywhere that we’re complicit in it, when really what happens is they’re waiting outside our door every single day. I can’t go to the mailbox without getting my picture taken, so I don’t.”

Garner and Halle Berry testified in August on behalf of Senate Bill 606.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet