Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes: Every Parent’s Nightmare

Happy Halloween!

Yes folks, it’s that time again! The leaves are changing, the air is cooling off and every coffee shop offers a pumpkin spice something-or-other.  With October 31st quickly approaching, the worry on most parent’s minds are what Halloween costume your little monster or princess will wear this year. Now it’s easy to run off to some major department store and pick one of their pre-designed Halloween costume’s based on the latest super hero movie or you can use your creative mind and save some bucks while you’re at it!

Ghost: For the little guys take a white toddler sheet, perhaps you have one laying around, cut a hole in the center of the sheet and put over your kiddo like a poncho. Find a white snow cap and some white gloves. Have your little gal wear some black sweat pant gear under her sheet for a floating effect once the neighborhood goes dark! This can be easily adjusted to an adult costume using a bigger sheet.. it’s okay, we won’t tell where you got the idea from!

Cowboy & Cow Gal: Some cute wrangler jeans, plaid shirt a vest if you have one laying around.. costume complete! Oh! Don’t forget a bandana and a hat! For our cow gals, a jean skirt will make it extra cute!

Princess: Any old Christmas dress will do wonderfully here, crowns are easily made out of cardboard and tape. Don’t worry about how sloppy the tape job is because you’ll cover it with some tinfoil to make it shine. Let your little princess decorate it to make it extra special.

Farmer: Overalls + plaid shirt + baseball cap = instant Farmer! Let your little guy carry around their favorite farm yard stuffed animal for a complete deal.

Skeleton: Black sweat outfits are best for this. Take white construction paper and cut out in the shape of bones. Sew bones into correct spot on sweat outfit. For extra fun, outline bones with glow in the dark puffy paints from a local craft store.

Ballerina: Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers.  A tutu can either be purchased or made! If you prefer to make the tutu, simply purchase some tulle from a local craft store, some elastic for a waist band and you can find easy step by step instructions through google! Want some extra flare? Wrap some ribbon around her ankles to make it look like lace up toe shoes!

Construction Worker: This one is an easy one! Carpenter jeans and any t-shirt will work! (white tee’s or white tanks are cutest! Don’t forget to cut the sleeves!) Have your little guy carry around a tool box with some play tools in it… you can get your hands on a toddler sized hard hat on several online stores.

Super hero: This one might take some creative working! Tights can be found in most girl sections of department stores, look for colors like black or red. A solid long sleeved shirt is an easy find for most little boys. A pair of his favorite undies on the outside of his pants (clean of course!) and you’ve got the start of a world class hero!  A mask and a cape complete the look. For an easy DIY cape project, check out our good ol’ trusty google!

Kitty Cat: Either brown or black sweat suits are great for this one. Pink or white work too! Most kitty ears can be purchased at a department store. A little bit of mommy’s make-up for a kitty face is an easy touch! An easy cat tail you ask? Some of dad’s black dress socks stuffed with more socks, tissue, or newspaper and attach to the rear of your kitty!.

So moms and dads, there are some easy and cheap costumes for you to throw together for your little one! As always enjoy safe Halloweens and don’t forget to send Celeb Baby Laundry some photos of your little guys all dressed up!!!

Happy Haunting!

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