Breakfast on the Go-Go!

Often times breakfast is easy to skip over, especially if you love your sleep just as much as you love food! Mornings are rough, getting yourself ready and kids ready and lunches packed and so on. These are a few easy suggestions for breakfast on the go with minimal mess!

You can either make these or buy them pre-made. Either way they are PACKED with good stuff for you and kids! Have your kiddos help pick out their favorite fruits and try a few different combos. We buy them pre-made and they are great and are very filling! If you make them yourself try adding veggies too- they will offer more nutrients and when blended properly they will taste just as yummy as all fruits!

Waffles & Pancakes:
Yes, I know you’re saying that there is no way in heck you’re letting your kids eat waffles in your van, but hear me out! My kids LOVE waffles, could eat them morning, noon and night! They also have yet to have them with syrup. Try a small amount of peanut butter to add healthy fats and a bit of sweet. When I make pancakes we add chocolate chips into the batter, no need for syrups then! Also try things like honey butter by Country Crock and sweet flavored cream cheese.  I tend to try to make a large batch of pancakes and my kids can eat them as they go. I also save the left over pancakes in the fridge and then can heat and go for an easy breakfast. We also love bananas in our pancakes!

This is probably my personal favorite breakfast food. These can go from healthy to un-healthy real quick though so be careful! If you’re looking for a healthier option, try egg whites, turkey bacon and lots of veggies! If you’re wanting something just to tide over the kids go with eggs, cheese and sausage. Roll it all into a yummy warmed tortilla and breakfast on the go is served! Make sure to fold the bottom in when you roll so all your goodies don’t fall out the bottom.

Muffins, Granola bars & other pre-made treats!:
Obviously you can buy all these things from the store pre-made, but I promise you they will be 10x’s cheaper if homemade. You can pick up a premade mix and just add and cook or you can google a homemade recipe and make them however you’d like. You’ll be able to add your own fruits (and veggies!) to get extra nutrition. Try chocolate zucchini muffins, homemade cranberry granola bars or easy cheerio cereal bars.

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