Kate Middleton Is Finally Pregnant! (Photo)

Globe-Magazine-Kate-Middleton-Pregnant - CBL

Globe magazine claims that Kate Middleton is over the moon with happiness because she is finally pregnant.  The magazine previously revealed in February that Kate and Prince William were devastated over the loss of their first baby together.  It seems the couple are quick workers because if we are to believe Globe they are pregnant again.  Kate has even revealed the news to William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth IIthat they will soon hear the pitter patter of little feet in the palace halls.

Globe has the scoop: Queen Elizabeth got the best news ever when William’s wife Kate revealed her well-kept secret – she’s having a baby. Kate was especially thrilled because she feared she might never be a mom after an earlier miscarriage. The new GLOBE has all the happy details including the special time when Kate will officially announce her pregnancy.

So is Kate pregnant?  No confirmation has been released by the palace yet, although the tabloids have had her pregnant for months now.  One thing for sure – we will know soon!  What do you think does Kate have a little bundle of joy on the way?  Sound out in the comments and let us know your thoughts.