Blue Ivy’s Godmother Is Most Powerful Woman In World

Blue Ivy's Godmother Is Most Powerful Woman In World

Blue Ivy Carter is going to have a very, very famous Godmother. Someone even more famous than her superstar parents Beyonce and Jay Z. The couple have chosen Oprah Winfrey! reports that the most powerful woman in the world has been given the gig because she’s now a close family friend and confidant. Oprah and Bey have known each other for a long time but in the last couple of years the women have forged a close bond. The Crazy In Love singer even joined O for her star studded talk show finale last year in Chicago.

Beyonce and Jay Z didn’t want a family member as Godmother. That ruled Solange Knowles out – but made Oprah the obvious choice. Blue is going to be one spoilt little girl. She is going to be showered with gifts.

When it comes to the girl’s godfather Jay Z’s BFF will do the honors. His name is Tyran ‘Ty Ty’ Smith. Not a household name like Oprah but someone the couple trust. They want the godparents to take an active role in Blue’s life

Of course just what little Blue Ivy looks like remains a mystery – the almost one month old baby has been kept under wraps by her famous Mom and Dad. The longer they keep her out of view the higher the bounty on a picture goes. There’s talk a photo of the most famous baby in the world could be worth up to $14 million. I can’t wait to see what she looks like!